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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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another yellow weather alert. >> it's just bone chilly top. meteorologist rashaad is out. >> more arctic air tomorrow. this is just a prelude. we're still tracking a few showers south and east of town into prince george's county and headed across the river into charles county and exiting fairfax county. it's moving across 95 towards walldorf. upper mar boar marl boar -- marlboro. snow showers are like summer
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showers and last, you know, 30, 45 minutes and that's it. let's talk about the wind chills tomorrow. that's the next big story. this is 8:00 in the morning. it's going to feel like 2 below in frederick, 5 below in hagerstown and only 3 degrees downtown. wind chills will not be above zero. by 4:00 p.m. 2 below in gaithersburg, zero in silver springs, baltimore above 5 above. by 6:00 p.m. below zero county in a wind chill. gusts could gust over 40 miles per hour. we will come back and talk about how cold it's going to be saturday night, if we set any records and more snow in the forecast for monday. >> we're looking forward to that. thank you. because of the flurries we sent garrett hagat to track sn
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>> he's in leesburg where the largest ban passed through the area. how are the roads where you are? >> reporter: the roads are largely clear. if snow that did fell blew off the roads. now here comes the cold. tonight the plows in virginia had little work today. many were driving around with their plows up as the snow blew. that snow is a nuisance making driving tricky. both dc and virginia had their roads treated in advance and extra resources. they didn't want a repeat of the nightmare before the blizzard. on the backside of this front though it's all about that cold. already spoiling plans for the long weekend. >> at this point if it was going to be, like -- i don't know. they said the chill would be negative 10.
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we're bringing the kids out doors. >> reporter: downtown leesburg almost completely empty. a lot of folks deciding to wait inside where it's warm. >> i'll be joining them. >> much more on our weather and any problems starting tomorrow morning. wake up washington begins bright and early at 7:00. to our other big story in prince george's county, the elementary school voluntary who produced pornography had a history of abusing children. deonte carraway was 13 when he was charged with child sex abuse and the school could have caught it. as we learn more about carraway the police investigation continues to expand. allyson barber has been
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the latest on the investigation. allyson, the community still struggling to make sense of it all. >> reporter: police say carraway victimized four different victim at a minimum at five locations. the school has received a lot of attention but it's not the only area police are investigating and it's also not the only area impacted by carraway's actions. >> it's a nice community. i grew up in it wheven -- when i was small. everybody knows each other like a family. that's why it's so shocking. it happened right under their noses. >> as police continue to investigate carraway the people are watching it all. >> i've been seeing the tv trucks go down the street to the school all this week. it's so upsetting. >> royette smith. >> our family has been here since forever. my dad started
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i took over the hair salon. >> smith and most everyone at royal t. hair salon know carraway. >> i see him all the time. he was the detector of the choir. -- director of the choir. >> i used to live to buildings down from him. it's deep when you find out there's something in the community doing that to the kids. >> it's proof that glenarden is more than just this man. >> i'm a grandma of eight. i get really, really emotional when i think about it. even the thought of him, you know, just doing that. >> no matter what police say carraway did, they're convinced this community will rise above it. >> i'm sure that everybody is trying to work together to help the kids and help the people in the school. >> that's already happening. >> reporter: two victims file d class action lawsuits against the school this week. sources working on those lawsuits tell me three more victims will join the class action suit
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reporting in glenarden, allyson barber, wusa 9. >> police are still asking anyone with information to give them a call. they said they have received over 30 tips since announcing carraway's arrest. you can call the fbi at 1- 800-call-fbi. tonight dominion power said it's possible for that oil spill on the potomac river. they said the source is likely a previously reported spill of 13,000 gallons at its crystal city substation. that oil made a message of the potomac near reagan national and the water sanctuary. the coast guard said dominion likely will bear the cost of the clean up. a mother has been found guilty of abuse and neglect in the death of her little boy. investigators say ashley white left her baby daughter and her 5-year-old son noah
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home last march. noah wandered outside and days later officers found his body in the backyard septic tank. white will be sentenced in may. the father goes on trial next month. the father of montgomery county police officer noah leotta who was hit and killed in the line of duty isn't just blaming the man suspected in his death. rich leotta is pointing fingers at hooter and lawmakers in annapolis. >> you're over the limit, you don't drive drunk. that puts everybody at risk. my son is dead because of that. that's the liquor lobby. they don't care about the people. they just care about selling the alcohol. >> now prosecutors say luis rezulco's blood alcohol content was three times the limit when he got behind the wheel and hit officer leotta. he was drinking for 3 hours beforet
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hooters. the 24-year-old officer was cracking down on drunk drivers when he was hit. rezulco is being held on a quarter million dollars bond. a father and his son are recovering after being shot at a dc barbershop. three masked men ran into ren's barbershop and targeted the dad and opened fire. people fit the floor. the gunman still on the loose . the father and son are expected to be okay. to the campaign trial now. the republican candidates are getting ready for tomorrow night's big debate hosted by cbs news. >> donald trump packed an arena in tampa, florida. he's planning to sue ted cruz saying he's not eligible to be president. they are in a tight race in south carolina that holds their republican primary one week
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madelyn albright is apologizing for a controversy comment she made while out campaigning for hillary clinton. she said there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. albright said she still believes women have an obligation to help each other but said she used nit the wrong context. tonight pope francis is in mexico for the start of a 6-day visit. he landed in mexico city greeted by the welcoming roar of thousands of the faithful. he seemed to like the crowd. it was a ride into down in the pope mobile with cheering crowds along the way. tonight was prom night for a special group of students and young adults. >> it was a special night for a few hundred of them from all over the district. what is this all about mola? >> reporter: you said it,
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here and it had nothing to do with baseball. >> nats park is a great place for a ball game but might be a better place for a prom. this prom had it all, the dresses, the tuxes, the make up, the music and of course the conga line. >> it was a special prom for a special group of people. these teens and young adults have special needs. most of them are from dc public schools. all of them were here for the same reason. >> to have fun. >> do make up and have fun. >> it may seem like just dressing up and dancing but it's not. it's so much more. it's a chance to let loose and enjoy themselves. >> letting children enjoy themselves who don't have great self-esteem but are as important as anyone else. >> what would you normally be doing? >> in home doing not. >> sitting home.
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the wall. >> yeah, all day. i don't like that. >> she looks like she likes this. so do the caretakers who joined in the party. >> i thought it would be so much fun for the care givers and the students themselves. >> it's been a lot of fun. it's been encouraging watching e a great time. >> hannah volunteered to bud dy up with students tonight. >> it was awesome. it was so great. >> just to see the kids having fun and feeling special. it was great to see their faces. >> all smiles all night. >> reporter: this is a great event out here tonight. tonight's prom was one of 200 other proms going on all across the world. they were inspired by the tim tebow foundation. tebow, the former football player, the nfl star. locally it was organized and hosted by the water front church in dc. just a great event. live at
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>> thank you. straight ahead, topper is back with more on our icy weekend temperatures and the snow to start off the work week. >> plus, protecting those flowers from the cold this valentine's weekend. >> right after the break that keyless ignition in your car
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push a button and start your car. that come with a cost. 25 people have died since 20 05 when they accidentally left their cars running. hidden dangers of keyless ignitions. >> every single high school in montgomery county say a special thank you. >> dr. harry pit was a well loved and respected educator in the county. the former school superintendent retired in 1991 but that didn't slow him
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power lifting bench press record for 80 plus years old. >> back on december 3rd, 2011 the power lifting champ returned home from his gym work out. >> he pulled into the garage, did not hit the turn off button in his car, went inside. >> dr. pits keyless ignition car continued to gun until the gas tank was empty. carbon monoxide seeped into his home. he was found by his girlfriend the next morning. >> her words were your father is gone. >> this is not an isolated incident. auto makers didn't design the keyless technology with human factors in mind. >> with a button there we have to teach ourselves. >> the national transportation safety board has been
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a class action lawsuit was filed to get them to install a shut off safety feature. >> a final rule was supposed to be directed but the agency said it's not clear when that will happen. >> they sit on their hands and don't come up with rules. people are dying. >> they believe an audible alert is the right remedy. >> not everybody is going to hear it. >> pits son agree. >> simply putting in a software patch that would shut the vehicle down if it's inactive 30 minutes. >> are you convinced if your father's car had this automatic shut off device he would be here today. >> he would be here if that car shut off, yes. >> now according to the class action lawsuit general motors installed an
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the newest chevy volts. ford installed it. jeffery and joel pits along with safety advocates said if you drive one of these cars you should have a working carbon monoxide detector in your home. it plays no roll in shut it off. that's why there's such a push to have auto makers install a shut off feature that could act as a fail safe. we have a polar vortex bearing down on us this weekend. how is the flower shop going to protect the roses? two words, plastic wrap. in shop in portland, maine is going through tons of this stuff. florists said it just taking a couple
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done for. >> they start getting soft and the heads start druping immediately. >> now, to protect those pedals delivery drivers will be cranking up the heater. many shops said they're not going to leave flowers on your doorsteps. if no one is home they will try again later. you barely want to open the door for 5 seconds. >> that's right. i would limit your time outside . don't forget about the pets. they get cold too. feeling good today. i thought once again we might have a bull's eye. not quite. went for a high of 3 2, the high so far 31. that's going to stand. the high for tomorrow, 26. the reason why we're doing that is because it's going to be a midnight temperature. temperatures will fall all day tomorrow. down to 28 right now. winds north, northwest at 6. that little trough, the arctic front is through right now. you can see that. most of the snow showers are well south and east
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maryland crossing the bay. a couple of left over snow showers towards cull pepper that will head towards fredericksberg. they're going to roll into calvert county shortly and maybe saint mary's county could have a little snow before the night is over. no big problem with this particular system. they put more salt on the road than snow today, no doubt about that. wind advisory until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, gusts over 40 miles per hour. that will drive wind chills 5 below to 5 above on saturday. that's during the peak heating of the day. i would plan on accumulating snow monday. that seems to be pretty much a lock at this point. the question after that is do we go to rain or do you go to a mix monday night and into tuesday morning. that's the question. so arctic blast, leave your cab
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problems in the past. these are all on the website. bring your pets inside and give them plenty of water and give space heaters 3 feet of clearance and turn them off when you go to bed. tomorrow morning temperatures in the teens. 16 silver spring, 17 in sterling. by lunchtime 14 in hagerstown, 21 downtown. these are actual temperatures now. 17 in andrews, 19 in la platta. by 10:00 about 24 hours from now already down to 12 in gaithersburg, 13 in hagerstown. now, let's talk about wind chills. by 8:00 in the morning it's going to feel like 1 below in frederick, 5 below in hagerstown. if you still get the paper the old fashioned way you have to draw a straw to see who is going to get the paper. at noon 1 below, at 4:00 it will be 2 below in gaithersburg. day planner looks likehi
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9:00, only 21 by 1:00. a couple of clouds come in late. wind chill is 5 below to 5 above. quiet for valentine's day. less wind. there's your snow on monday. temperatures go up into monday night. it should change to sleet, freezing rain or rain. on tuesday snow showers possible on wednesday and then look what happens, we get a pattern change. don't look now. i don't want to promise this but 54 next friday with sun. >> it's there on the graphic. >> there you go. >> we're taking that to the bank. >> you're fully committed. >> if you love us you will keep that there. >> i won't change it. what's not to love about the fighting terps. >> that's your alma mater. >> it's a big weekend . number 2 in the country. a visit from
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the terps will play this weekend. tremel is the guy you want with the ball in his hands. >> at that point in the game he was playing well and he wanted the ball in his hands. you know, when it came down to it everybody on our side believed that he was going to make the shot. you know, fortunately he did for us. another bout with the winter weather forcing most schools to cancel friday night hoops. reporter grace olson found a game up the road as we head to our game of the week. >> life center academy traveled all the way from new jersey tonight to face national christian academy. what did the warriors and eagles do? they hit the court. >> you could
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studded affair. former nba draft park at life center but the number 4 team was so much for the new jersey visitors. >> we're making a lot of noise. a lot of people are always into the wcac and we're just trying to win as many games as we can to prove that we're a really good team. >> christian matthews led all scorers on the night with 26 points showing why he deserves to be a second time all met. >> it's a big honor to be nominated because there's a lot of all mets that came out of this area. that shows how much hard work i put in. >> taber chipped in 21 points as the eagles won it 96-60. national christian is now 21-1 on the season. grace olsen, wusa 9 sports. some baseball
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jonathan pap l banlebahn made himself a name. he's still on the team even going after bryce harper. harper asked about his relationship with him right now. >> it was squashed that day. i think everybody made such a big deal of that and too much of a big deal of that. you know, that's all in the past. we haven't brought it up since that day. if he goes out there and saving 55 games a year then we're going to win a world series. >> of course spring training is just around the corner. >> yes. >> you get to re view that -- >> they
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tomorrow bitterly cold temperatures might keep a lot of us inside tomorrow. >> others are headed into downtown dc to go for a run in their underwear. the cupid underwear run is a 1k that will not be okay. you will set a blistering face because your skin will blister and you will probably have frostbite by the
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this is pictures from last year where it was a balmy 20 degrees. it's a charity run for the children's tumor foundation. >> the wind chill will be zero. that's not a great idea. >> call it the not so undie run. >> i heard emt's might be there to slap some sense into people. >> a cold weekend. prepare for snow
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